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A mechanical seed drill ready for everything!

Offered from 21 to 29 rows winter crops, the SDM mechanical seed drill has one of the most robust structures in its class. Resistant to the harshest conditions, the SDM is a machine developed for farmers who need high operational performance.

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KUHN revolutionized the seed drill market when it launched the SDM mechanical seed drill: it is versatility combined with high performance and robustness, something unprecedented in the segment! Synonymous with efficiency in seeding small grains, the SDM mechanical seed drill is characterized as a multiple machine, because it is also suitable for planting summer crops in addition to having a rice version. No matter which model is chosen, the farmer will find exclusive distinctive features in the SDM mechanical seed drill. For the mid-sized or large farmer, the SDM has a set of options to meet all needs, with the precision and ergonomics that only the KUHN brand offers.
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Maximum versatility: 3 machines in 1

Фото механічної сівалки SDM, агрегатованої з трактором, у перспективі.

Multi-function version

Developed under the multiple-purpose machine concept, the SDM mechanical seed drill allows for configurations for planting winter crops (small grains) and for planting large grains. In the transformation, speed and ergonomics stand out, which are fundamental to ensure agility for the farmer between seasons. Regardless of whether the crop is a small graincrop (such as wheat) or a large grain crop (such as soybeans), the SDM mechanical seed drill features the traditional and renowned precision of KUHN planters. Thus, for growers looking for a versatile machine with maximum performance and high robustness in its components, the SDM mechanical seed drill is the ideal choice!

Rice version

The rice version of the SDM mechanical seed drill has been designed and engineered based on all the needs and precautions that rice cultivation demands. Its reinforced frame and high flotation wheel concepts, combined with the pantograph structure, make this version the ideal choice for farmers looking for uniformity in planting and maintenance of the physical structure of dikes. The pantographic rows stand out among its distinctive features, especially because of the ability to perfectly copy the relief of dikes, either at the top or bottom, allowing the seeds to be deposited in the planting furrow precisely and evenly. In addition to these distinctive features of the SDM mechanical seed drill, there are also high flotation wheelsets, which cross dikes without causing any damage, thus minimizing field compaction.
Фото механічної сівалки SDM на рисовому полі під час проходження насипів.

Easy adjustments to optimize your time

Важіль муфти відімкнення приводиться в дію.

Adjustments and calibrations without the need for using tools

The SDM mechanical seed drill features a set of elements aimed at reducing calibration time and ergonomic and safe adjustment for the operator. In addition, its adjustments and calibrations are carried out quickly and practically: adjustments of depth, machine leveling, downforce in the row, gearboxes and opening of the seed metering units are performed without the need for tools. As a result of the SDM mechanical seed drill, we have low operating cost and a machine working for longer. This whole range of benefits is available for all versions.

Maximum performance in your field

Вигляд збоку механічної сівалки SDM з виділеними вузлами бункерів.

High-capacity hoppers

The high capacity of the SDM mechanical seed drill hoppers enables a smaller number of stops per sown area, ensuring autonomy and high performance, ideal attributes for short planting windows. In addition, the SDM features a central platform between the hoppers, which provides refill assurance and weight distribution on the whole frame. Its hoppers are organized as follows: two sets that group one part for fertilizer and seed; one set to supply the front rows and the other for the back rows. Unlike competitors, the SDM mechanical seed drill hopper assemblies are perfectly aligned with the planting furrowers, resulting in a uniform flow of inputs, without the conductors crossing.


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